Ely Hydes. The Villain of Comerica Park

Yesterday, Albert Pujols became just the third player EVER to record 2,000 career RBI’s.

Most of these big time moments usually the player gets their ball back or the MLB will the ball and take it to the hall of fame. Not so fast here.

First of all, anyone with the name Ely, they spell it like this “Eli” the only person with the name “Ely” was the 6th grade math teacher at Wagar Mrs.Ely. So I’ve never seen a first name like this so that explains a lot.

But Ely has been the talk all over 97.1 the ticket, he’s been on 760 am. The New York Times have been sorting articles on him and it’s pretty crazy how petty this guy is being.

He’s a 33 year old kid. Most people that old don’t have a mop top for a hair cut. He has no idea what is going on with this baseball. Even after being told the circumstance he still wants to be petty. This guy just wants the attention on himself.

He said he’s going to keep the ball for a few more days and people can donate money to a charity if they want the ball back. I’ve never seen anything like this before. So much pettiness, arrogance, cockiness over a baseball.

I’ve never been a huge fan of catching foul balls or home runs because I’ve touched millions of baseballs in my life. Just because the pros touch for one second, doesn’t make the ball gold.

Ely, little advice from all the Detroit fans, get over yourself, Stop bad mouthing the Tigers organization, stop trying to draw attention to yourself.

Albert already said he wouldn’t pay a penny for that ball, because he’s a baseball players and it’s literally just a ball.

97.1 the ticket could talk about something else too but they just want to feed their listeners garbage.

It’s a baseball. Just give it back to the hall of fame. You don’t need anything for it. Just be normal human being and stop being a dumb millennial.


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