Walk Off! Tigers Win!

Brandon Dixon!

First career home run and it was a big one, it gave the Tigers a 5-2 win. Tigers had the lead the majority of the game and gave it up in the 8th on a home run given up by Joe Jimenez. Would of been a terrible loss, with the off day tomorrow and getting mercy ruled yesterday. But, we pulled it out and we did what great teams do, found a way to win.

Tigers are hanging around in the standings right now only being 5 games back. They just need to hang around and give them a chance at some competitive baseball during the summer months. We’re a baseball town and the summers these last few years have not been the same with the Tigers being brutal. We need some summer baseball downtown with big game atmospheres. I’ve missed that. We’ve all missed that.

Low key I think Spencer Turnbull will win be the rookie of the year. Dude is nasty and has been pitching unbelievable his last 4 starts. He had another 7 inning master piece this afternoon.


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