Millennial’s kill Ruby Tuesday

“Ruby Tuesday in Monroe closed unexpectedly today after being open for nearly 24 years. The restaurant, located at 2071 N. Telegraph Rd., had a sign posted on its front door announcing its closure. The sign didn’t offer an explanation for its abrupt closing and asks anyone with questions to visit its website and choose the “contact us” option”.

Monroe News

Honestly I’m surprised this didn’t happen a decade ago, the last time I went to a Ruby Tuesday.

People don’t really want to go to a chain restaurant anymore. The food is getting worse and the price is going up (Shout-out to Applebee’s 2 for $20 tho… It is a date)

This is good news for the Monroe area, hopefully someone comes along and opens up a successful business or another restaurant.

Check out Ron Swanson’s take on this subject.

I think Monroe could use a seafood option but that’s just me. At least something not necessarily classy or upscale but something nice.

Remember Carrabba’s? Something along those lines, yeah I know it was a chain but, it was a nice chain. Or let’s get a Chick-fil-A in Monroe, that would raise property value around the area tenfold.

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