Steak not Sizzle

Bob Quinn is not scared of the previous blunders made in Lions draft history. This is not the same old Lions. We are building a team the right way and sure sometimes it’s not the glitz and glamor that people want. We all want the names and big time playmakers but sometimes winning just takes hard nose football players who play the game the right way and we as fans know what we’re getting.

TJ. Hockenson

He’s not Eric Ebron. This guy can block, run, catch. You know why I know he can catch… because he played multiple sports in high school. He played basketball his whole life and turned into a football player. Those guys are athletes and athletes can catch. We didn’t NEED a defensive player because we kind of have a legit defense building up. Flowers, Ashawn Robinson, Desahwn Hand. Young guys up front. We have young Linebackers but we can build depth in the later rounds. What’s the the biggest asset we sucked at for the last few years?….Running the ball. We got the best TE in the draft and also the best blocking TE. Don’t be a coward and just say “same old Lions we did it to ourself’s again!” That’s the laziest take you can have.

In case you don’t know what picks the Lions have this year here you go:


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