The dude on Jeopardy is obviously cheating.

If you haven’t heard about this dude named James on Jeopardy then idk… must work a tough job and have no personal time. But he has won his 13th straight game and I’m watching him live right now and he’s going to win his 14th game. He’s at 40k (ended up winning 94k) and the other two contestants have 2k and 1k. I mean come on. If your watching it’s so obvious he’s cheating. The dude doesn’t even guess. He knows he forgot what the answer was on the flash cards he somehow got and moved on. Every game he’s walking away with 50..60… 70 thousands of dollars every day.

The way he answers the questions are also a dead give away. He barely lets Alex finish the question before he yells the answer in the most robotic voice ever. I actually just convinced myself he might be robot. Robot or big time cheater, obviously.

Also just found out he says high to family members and friends on his final answer. What a cocky winner. Just win and move on bro.


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