Pistons are in a tough spot

Game 4 here we go. Half hour from tip and I just found out Blake is ACTIVE.

Huge news.

Again we literally can’t win if he’s not playing so just having him in the lineup gives us a chance. He looked hurt last game but either way he’s our best player at 50% health.

Big story is Andre. He’s getting embarrassed on a national stage night after night. It got so bad that our fans began to boo and frankly I’m okay with that. Because the fans who were at Game 3 were as real as it gets. Maybe not as real as tonight’s fans because it’s a Monday night Vs a Saturday night but still our realist fans recognize real players and especially effort. Andre has a real problem his is effort and it’s directly correlated to his attitude. He’s feeling good, he’s giving 110. Not really caring, 25% effort. We will see what he does.

I would say the Bucks take it easy in game 4 and we somehow keep this thing going. But the Pistons also got called out by our coach for effort so if I was on the team, I’m on vacation mode tonight.

Idk what the score will be.

Pistons Win.


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