News FLASH: Carleton FLASHER Caught

The Monroe News

Last Friday a man was arrested for flashing at Ash Park.

The word on the street is that he was INSIDE THE DUGOUT.

They have to build a new dug out, right? Do they burn it? Bleach it? I have no idea, I’m sure there was like some sort of clean up, but then again I’m not so sure .

I along with half of the village (if not more) at one point or another played baseball on that field and this dude is showing his ding-a-ling to innocent kids trying to do the same thing, put him in the clink!

But take a look at this guy. He looks like he made a couple of poor choices to end up here. Just look at those eyes.

Stay off drugs kids.

Oh, and stay out of the dugouts

P.S. T’s & P’s to the victims of course


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