Detroit Tigers PSA- First 20 Games

This happens every single season right around this time of the year. It’s the end of April, feels like opening day was a year ago and all the hype about baseball starting back up is calming down and it just feels like people stop paying attention to what their ball club is doing. So, I’m here for you all don’t worry.

Record: 10-10 2.5 GB 3rd place in the AL Central

The great thing about baseball is that it really doesn’t matter what your record is. The most important thing to look at in the standings are the GB (games back of first) so being 2.5 GB of first is something to get the juices flowing. 10-10 is a decent start, I gave the Tigers a over/under win total of 86 back in March.

Leader in Home Runs: Gordon Beckham and Christin Stewart

This guy is leading our team in ding dongs. I used to hate him while he played for the Sox because he destroyed us but I love him on the Tigers. The Tigers we are used to back in the day would be hitting bombs every game but this team is way different. Miggy is older so the power is dwindling but he’s still one of the best hitters in the game. We don’t have JD, Prince, Delmon Young, Johnny Peralta, Carlos Gullien, Justin Upton in the middle of the order anymore. This team plays the game the right way though and it’s refreshing and fun to watch.

Shane Greene is the best closer in the MLB.

I know this is a Yankee jersey but people forget we traded for Shane Greene back in 2015. Anyways this is a closer the Tigers have never seen before. He comes into games and gets his guys out 1,2,3 every time! It’s amazing. No Todd Jones, Soria, Valverde, Benoit who were scrapping through the 9th and took years off my life. Shane Greene does it the picture perfect way almost every time. He hasn’t blown a save yet this year and leads the MLB in saves.

Matt Shepard needs to figure it out and Hot Take… I like Gibby.

This is what everyone has been waiting for. After Mario and Rod literally got into a fight over a chair and both lost their jobs over it, the tigers had to bring in new talent. So far it’s been okay. I think Shep still needs to fine his lane. At some times it seems like he’s trying to hard to educate the fans and sets Jack and Gibby up for educational tidbits. That’s gotta stop. We’re not watching to learn the game. We wanna see the tigers win. Also, this is an unpopular opinion but I love Kirk Gibson. Former MANAGER of MLB teams as recent as 2015. So I think it’s so cool we can experience that and you have have a sense of humor with him. He’s having a fun time. Jack is the man also. Wish they would have him do more games because he’s the classic color guy for MLB games on TV. Just all time.

Alright I’ll be doing Tigers PSA once a month. The game number won’t mean anything really but if you don’t wanna watch the tigers then you get can your quick update every month right here. But trust me you will want to watch. This will be a fun summer downtown.


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