Public House LIVE Review

The boys are back together getting lunch at Public House and doing a LIVE review as we eat. Mojito, Danger and myself. Bruchin’ and Bloggin’ like hipsters in a hipster esque type place. No hate intended, it’s just the trendiest new spot in the Greater Monroe Area. The waitress literally described the special menus as “mint” and “ivory” instead of green and white. I have never felt fancier in this town then I do at this moment.

Let’s get to some rankings.

Beer: Mango Surprise IPA by Arcadia Ales – 6.5 same as it’s alcohol content. It’s a good beer, it has a kiss of mango, not a punch of fruit flavor like a Summer Shandy (not a big Summer Shandy guy), and it’s hoppy just how I like it. I would recommend to a cool chick that likes IPA’s but I would not recommend to a hardo that likes Busch Light or something. I’ll drink it again, right after this one.

Brunswick Stew: Probably a 5.5. I am a big soup guy so this is an honest opinion. It’s good. Probably the best around here. It’s the only time I’ve seen it on a menu north of the Mason-Dixon to be honest. It’s not the south, but it’s good.

Danger’s and Mojito’s takes on their food (respectively):

Side Fries: Fries were filling. Steak fry’s pack a nice punch. No seasoning though, kind of dull. Pretty vanilla.

Grilled Chicken Avocado Sandwich: Not enough avocado. The ciabatta bun was prepared perfectly. No internal damage due to the grill marks on the ciabatta bread. Enjoyed the balsamic vinaigrette drizzle on the mixed greens. Sweet Potato was the size of a mini nerf football or a small head, and quite frankly tasted like it.

Overall, we will be back. Coming here every Saturday, wearing the same thing, sitting in the same spot and ordering the same food, and giving you the same review. Every week. See you next week.


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