Don’t call it a comeback. Bucks @ Pistons Game 3 preview NOW!

Let’s get it straight the Pistons NEED Blake to win and it sucks that he’s been hurt and has missed the first two games of this series. He’s the leader and he keeps this team churning. So, missing him has hurt in more than one than one way.

But we’re on to game 3 back at the LCA and we need a huge home crowd. I don’t know yet if Blake is playing (hopefully) the one bright spot so far has been Luke Kennard and him becoming a household name in Detroit and the NBA. He started his 10th game of the season in Game 2. He’s averaging the most points out of any shooting guard in the playoffs and every open shot is going in for him.

Need Andre to have a huge game and we need to make 20 three pointers to win this game. We’re back home on our home court with the home rims. I think we will be okay here and get back in this series.

PISTONS 132 Bucks 117

P.S. We need Zaza to get to close on Giannis and not let him land like he did vs Kawhi a few years ago.

I mean WHY ELSE do we have Zaza?


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