I hate the people who are hating on the Pistons. What happen to DETROIT VS EVERBODY??

I have found a huge correlation between the people hating the Pistons because they made the playoffs instead of tanking or even people who are mad at the Pistons and the fans celebrating the fact that the city will have some sort of playoff sporting event going on in downtown in what feels like 30 years. I know the Wings made the playoffs recently but that was forgettable and the Pistons made it a few years ago but I mean…. Lebron in his prime with Kyrie. That didn’t even seem real. But back to the correlation, those people seem to me the same people who want a ribbon for participating in a event instead of earning there ribbon. The same people want everything given to them instead of building something from the ground up. Everyone wants Zion and think that’s a NBA Title. Newsflash!! Zion is going to be a bust and I told everyone back in November that Duke wouldn’t win a national title and Andre Drummond is 25 years old and maybe the best rebounder of ALL TIME. Get behind your team and let’s go win some games. this is embarrassing that we as a fan base are so divided. This wouldn’t happen for the Lions, Tigers or Red Wings. If any of those teams were in the playoffs it would be ALL IN and DETROIT VS EVERYBODY. Right now it seems like it’s Detroit vs Detroit because we have broadcasters saying on live TV that we need all the haters to quit cheering for this team. Don’t have time for it. That’s terrible. We’re in the playoffs!!! The most exciting time of the season and we’re going down each other throats because of a draft pick. By the way we’re drafting at 15th overall and if we would of lost we prolly would be drafting at 13th so get real!

I’m just going to leave a picture of the Pistons record since the 2009 season. And let me tell you, this was the second time we won 40 games in a season since then. And we as fans are still saying WE SHOULD OF LOST MORE. Get real. I hate them so much.

I mean only people who didn’t watch the Pistons during that time are the ones saying we should of lost more. If you watched these seasons from 2009-2015 you would realize how much better we are. This guy started for us for years!!


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