RIP In Peace – Busch’s

A lot has changed in our little town over the years.

In no particular order…

  • The China Club moving across to the old Ron’s Pizza location – which is now Anson’s residing at the Red Horse Inn.
  • Tony’s Coney’s tuned into a Dollar General.
  • Chiefs Handle Inn is now the Wolf’s Den.
  • The grain mill, what the town was built around back in 1800 something, was abandoned, turned into a thrift store, abandoned again and now being renovated currently.
  • Ron’s Place (the butcher) is now a animal grooming store.
  • The Grafton Inn moved to North Side. Then new ownership reopened the Grafton Inn. That closed down, and 32 Taps opened up.
  • The Country Dollar is now a Dollar Tree.
  • The red and white ice cream shop on Monroe sells hot dogs.
  • All the gas stations in town have GasTV

But the biggest change of all is about to take place in a few days.

Busch’s is closing down it’s Carleton location, March 31st being the last day of operations.

No more smiling Mary Rose to greet us as we check out or arrive (she’s going to the Canton location for those that care).

Returning cans by simply saying the amount you have.

Free coffee and donuts upon entering.

The back bathroom that until they put signs up, only the real knew about.

Back in the day they had samples of cookies over by the deli.

I just hope they don’t change the layout of the store because it’s the only store where I know where everything is.

I could grab you a gallon of milk blindfolded walking backwards if you asked me to.

No more coin star to count my change I’ve been collecting all year.. honestly they might keep the machine not sure though.

I remember in high school I went into the store with an older friend of mine to buy beer and they only ID’d him. Very clutch. Prom was fun that night.

The word on the grapevine is that the owner of the building upped rent and forced them out.

Not saying that’s what happened but that’s the word around town. Apparently he’s opening his own store in the same location. Its a great business move but not the most moral move especially in a small town.

Well the last day is Sunday, March 31st. I say we have a cookout, buy our meats and such at Busch’s. It’s only right.


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