Browns to the Super Bowl!

Remember that joke everyone said back in the day?

“I gotta take the Browns to the Super Bowl”

Classic poop joke.

But now…. The Browns are actually going to the super bowl, hands down.

The New York football Giants just traded Odell Beckham Jr to the Browns for a first round and third round draft pick and Jabrill Peppers.

This is crazy, the NFL is turning into the Diva NBA. All these Pre Madonna Wide outs want their money and they want it now. Idk where they all got the confidence that they are the next Lebron but this is crazy.

Back to the Browns…

Baker Mayfield with Odell on one side and Jarvis in the slot. Add in Myles Garret and the young guys on D. This team is GOING FOR IT and every fan wishes their team would do that.

Love the move, Cleveland. This is Bakers League now.


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