Is Lebron the worst leader of all time?

I don’t even know what to say. It’s amazing what Lebron is doing and how he’s kind of getting away with it.

I’ve never seen someone, who is suppose to the The King, The Chosen One, MJ, all the other names just stop trying to help others (who are on his team and would help him) become the best basketball they can be.

Dont get me wrong, Lebron’s legacy is pretty much set in stone with how he’s brought Cleveland their only title and the magical 8 straight final appearances. Butttttt he could cement his legacy of being the worst leader ever!

He won his titles with veterans and decided to try something new. When everyone found out he was heading to the Lakers I think we all thought the same thing “man, Lakers suck, but Lebron’s last chapter will be going to LA and guide these young guys and develop them into the next Super team in LA and Lebron would ride off in the sunset with this last chapter written… Leadership”

I know we all thought that same exact thing, it MAKES SENSE.

But what he is doing right now is unreal. Just not trying on defense, throwing one handed in bounds passes off the back board. He’s actually done the complete opposite of being leader and he’s torn his teammates apart. The guys who he was suppose to guide and develop.

I mean come on Lebron. TRY

He complains about them after EVERY SINGLE GAME. He openly tried to Trade the entire roster that has a promising future. He won’t listen to his coach. Kids get kicked off teams for doing that type of shit. All over the country high school and middle kids get disciplined harder for what Lebron is doing.

I mean he has to make the playoffs. Lakers are 5 games back of the 8 Seed.. that’s bad. But I just can’t picture Lebron not in the playoffs. We will see if he does any leading down the stretch. My guess is no .

He fakes an injury in 5 games and rides it out for the season and honestly might retire.


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