The tables of have turned – Friend Zone

I don’t know when the term “friend zone” was coined, but whomever came up with that term is a mogul. What a phrase. Could you imagine coming up with a phrase that people will use forever.

Imagine being the guy who first invented a simple phrase that is used every single day.

“Hey, how you doing?”

“Hey? What the hell does that mean”

“Oh you I wouldn’t know, I kind of invented it. Hey is short for hello”

“Fuck that is good, people are going to use that”

I’m sure it went something like that. Would you want credit for that? Would it bother you if people used your “hey” but they didn’t know you were the one who coined it? Or would you be happy that even though you receive no credit, you made people’s lives easier? That’s something to think about.

Anyway, I’m writing this because I found that guys throughout the tri-state area, hell even nation wide are experiencing this phenomenon called “the friend zone”. You should already know what this term means, I assume the 3 to 4 readers of this blog are smart people. So I’m not going into detail on what it means. However, I have a take on the friend zone and after discussing with others seems that I’m the only person with this take.

Friend Zone the girl. Whatever girl you want. Whether you actually “like her, like her” or not, that is not the issue. What that means, is don’t sleep with her, flirt with her, or anything. Like generally be her friend. I challenge you to pick a girl you like, it’s not that hard. You do it with girls you don’t “like” all the time.

Guys get upset when they do boyfriend things without being boyfriends with the girl and doing actual boyfriend things with the girl …. if you know what I mean (I mean sex). You wouldn’t be upset if she was just a friend. So, make her a friend. Treat her like one of the guys.

I’m not saying this is an easy task, but it is a lot better than being in the friend zone. Funny how the turn tables, if you will. With this logic, best case scenario friend zoning the girl will only make her want you. Worst case scenario, you have a friend that is the ultimate wing man. Girls are much better wing men than guys. That’s a fact.

It’s just like the guy who invented the word “hey” as a greeting and not food for horses. That guy was never given credit, and neither will you for being in the friend zone, or for putting her in the friend zone. But, you will have the feeling or sense of accomplishment that you friend zoned her and not the other way around.

Image result for friend zone

By the way, after doing loads of research, I found where the term “friend zone” was created.

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