Kyler Murray chooses NFL….. well duh.

This might be the dumbest story out there right now. Idk why ESPN is acting like the A’s got screwed over and missed out on the next Lebron.

Kyler Murray chose football over baseball because it’s the easiest choice in the world. I’ll break it down for you.

A team might of promised him a first round draft pick, or not, doesn’t matter because he either will get drafted to a team where he will play from the jump and get all the publicity. Or we will take a year to learn like Patrick Maholmes did and take over in a year. Either way he will he playing the NFL right a way. He will get a nice contract and will make a ton of money and fame right away.

Baseball is so much different and I think every single person forgot. No one has gone right to the MLB. Bryce Harper even spent 3 years in the minors. Players have to do it. Can anyone tell me who the number 1 draft pick was last season in baseball? Or the year before? Or the year before? That question would be easy for the NFL. Even if you didn’t know, you could look it up and you would recognize their names. If you looked up the MLB, you would have no idea who the players were. Kyler was the 9th pick in the draft. That doesn’t mean he’s going to be a automatic super star. Not in baseball. He might be the next Don Kelly. There is no telling in baseball.

So, the choice came down to living as QB1 in the NFL in the next 8 months and dominating the NFL or ride busses to stadiums filled with 3,000 fans watching you and your playing every single day for the next 5-7 years only to HOPE to make it to the show. You are already in the show in the NFL.

Easiest decision of all time. Be better ESPN.

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