Does Barstool Sports actually own the NFL?

Just in case you live under a rock, the Super Bowl was last night and things got interesting around half time of the game with El Pres (founder of Barstool) got picked up and dragged from his seat up to the concourse for questioning. He then got escorted with handcuffs in to a holding room where he was released as soon as the game was over. Pretty convenient on the timing for the release.

This all started from a week ago at the NFL’s media day for the super bowl. Which is inside on a Basketball Arena and all the big time players and coaches are available for questions. El Pres made it though security with a fake media pass and got inside the ropes.

First of all, not a big deal, he snuck into media day to ask questions that all the fans wanted to here. People could argue he was doing his job because he does own a media company. Media day is made for media companies. But a few years ago the NFL banned Barstool Sports from media day. So while every other media company has a spot on radio row ( all media companies get put in a section on media row so they all could get more guest. Easier for the guest to bounce from show to show.) Barstool was off campus and had a live set up at a Bar. They still got guest to travel over to them and do their show. NFL tried to limit Barstool and failed.

Alright back to yesterday, El pres was told if he came back to any of the stadiums then he would be ejected from the stadium. So El Pres make inside the stadium and made it all the way to halftime. If the NFL banned him from the stadium then how did he get in, in the first place? Who knows. He’s in and is doing his thing and then at halftime while el pres was sitting in his seat, watching the halftime show, he was a approached by security guards who asked him to leave and El pres didn’t. He wasn’t doing anything wrong, wasn’t even bothering the people around him. The security guards picked El pres up from his pants and carried him up stairs and we’re back to the beginning of the blog.

The game goes on and he is released. NFL tried to slow him down and they failed again.

Now we’re on the after party that is being thrown by the Patriots them selves. El Pres got invited by Bob Kraft ( Patriots owner) and the NFL somehow found him at the party and make him leave the party also!!! I think this was the icing on the cake, the games over, super bowl is over, NFL tried and failed multiple times all week to slow Barstool down and this last attempt was the pettiness move of all time. NFL sees El Pres having a little fun to celebrate his team and they come and kick him out for one last time.

As of right now, in 2019, Barstool Sports owns the NFL. Makes no sense, but the NFL could of easily avoided this whole situation but didn’t want to and wanted to keep Barstool looking like the Alpha dog in his relationship.

NFL do better. I’m embarrassed for everyone involved in the NFL. Biggest day of your year and you lose to a internet company. And you might be owned by them


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