Super Bowl Monday Causes Mass Outbreak of PFD

By far the worst day of the year.

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Super Bowl Monday is much, much worse than any other Monday – by far. Hell, Super Bowl Monday is consistently the worse day of my year. In college, I never made it to my morning class or to class at all that day. I usually woke up extremely dehydrated, sleepy, disoriented, but most of all – depressed.

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We just had our last day of NFL football for 6ish months. After today there are no kickoffs, there are no big hits, no deep throws, no angry runs, no CTE, and no FANTASY FOOTBALL- none of it. Basically nothing to look forward to until August.

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Post Football Depression is real. It is a real thing. It happens every year. Football fans across this country of ours experience severe depression due to lack of football. Yeah, you can try to get over it by using other sports. But that’s just a band-aid. I might dabble with playoff basketball, it doesn’t really do anything for me though. Baseball is cool but I gotta be at the game to really enjoy it. Hockey, I can get into, especially playoff hockey, but it’s not the same.

Yes, I know. We have like 5 new Spring Leagues coming out soon with the XFL coming next year, the American Football Alliance coming out next week, and more. But, does anyone really think it will compare to the NFL? Not. A. Chance. So don’t give me that like its a real solution to the problem that we don’t have football for almost half a year.

Super Bowl Monday should be a National Holiday, and I’m not saying that for selfish reasons. Studies have shown that today, Super Bowl Monday, is the LEAST productive day of the year. I don’t currently have the results of the study or the name of the study in front of me. But believe it, because it is true.

People don’t want to be at work, in class or anywhere really. Nobody does, even if you didn’t watch the Super Bowl or do anything yesterday – you don’t want to hear everyone’s takes on the game. Hell, I’m a football fan and I don’t want to hear what EVERYONE thinks about what the Patriots/Rams did that was risky, dumb, or anything when I’m hungover at work, (any other time I’m down for it).

I just want to sit at home, sleep, eat leftovers, drink Pedialyte and nurse my hungover self back to health – just like New Years Day.

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