The InstaGRAM Phenomenon

It might come at no surprise for some of you but after doing the research, which is mostly gathered from scrolling on Instagram and looking up memes on Twitter, I have noticed something that might shock some of the 5 people reading this. When a guy posts a picture with a girl his likes go up. When a girl posts a picture with a guy her likes go down. Why is this?

Image result for instagram

I gather there are a couple of reasons for this. Both are because HUMANS are trash. Yes, you heard it here first. Men and Women are trash. Humans are trash. This “Instagramificaton” generation is trash. BTW that is trademarked by me, you can not use that term.

Men don’t like girls pictures with other guys cause they’re most likely jealous of whatever guy is with the girl they like/want to fuck. Makes sense. It’s childish but it makes sense.

Men *with respect* historically, don’t flirt with girls that have boyfriends (if they know they have a boyfriend). There are the few guys that don’t give a fuck. Let’s call them boys. But, I would say the majority of guys will wait for the girl to delete her photos of her ex before the slide in with the “sup?”.

None the less, men are trash. We like a girls bikini pictures (spring break is coming up fellas) but not a picture of a girl with her boyfriend in a pumpkin patch or a apple orchard, or the zoo lights or on a vacation. Let’s be better guys. Like those pictures with boy friends especially with Valentines Day coming up we are going to get a ton of them.

On the other side of the coin, it seems that more women like guys pictures when there is a girl in it. Why is that? Is it because they want the guy to notice them when he is dating/”talking” to a someone? It’s well known fact that when a guy has a girlfriend he gets flirted with a ton more than when he is single.

That’s a bonerfied fact! Also trademarked “bonerfied” so don’t even think about using that.

It could be that the girl thinks the picture is cute, they like that the guy is giving the girl he is with a special shoutout on the ole Gram. Maybe that’s the case. Nonetheless, this has been a real pointless blog. It’s been a slow week with the Super Bowl and all.


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