The Best All-Star game in Sports: The Pro Bowl

Yeah, I said it.

Everyone wants to hate on the Pro Bowl. Yeah, it has its faults, but its still better than the rest.

For one, timing. It’s at the end of the season. Every other league’s all star game is in the middle of the season. Makes little to no sense. Why would you take a break in the middle of the season to play an all-star game? It doesn’t make sense (unless you’re the MLB). This also brings up one of three faults of the Pro Bowl.

Fault 1: I think it was better when it was after the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl obviously has a ton of Pro Bowlers playing in it. So, we’re missing those guys when they play it in-between Championship Sunday and the Super Bowl. They won’t change it back it though, it makes sense business wise to have it in between the two but it sucks that it has to be that way. Just like football, $$$ are king.

Complaint 2: It should be in Hawaii. Nothing beats it. Seeing old and overweight coaches wearing leis on the sideline. Absolutely hilarious. I wonder how many times the question is asked “did you get “lei’d” last night?” I know that’s my go-to anytime anyone I know goes to Hawaii or is simply wearing a lei at a party. I’m 100% sure Brett Favre was asking that question to everyone back in the day.

Image result for coaches pro bowl hawaii lei

Just look how majestic Bill Belichick looks with that lei.

I will give the MLB credit, they have it figured out. They make All-Star weekend a spectacle. I love that it has implications on the World Series, with the home field advantage and all that. The NHL and NBA have their skills contest. But, the NFL had that too, and it was fuckin’ awesome. They brought it back but it’s not the same as it used to be and it’s not as historical as “The Slam Dunk Champion” or the “Home Run Derby Champion” but still people care about that when you watch it, I don’t think people really care about it YEARS later. Unless obviously you start a billion dollar shoe company with Nike and the logo is of your winning dunk. But, it’s not really something that goes on a HOF resume, it’s cool the day of, but not gonna make or break a legacy.

It’s also not the all star game. That’s what I’m talking about here, not which league has the better skills contest. The actual game. With that being said, if you go ahead and watch the NFL skills contests from the early thousands, that shit was crazy cool.

Image result for nfl skills contest

One thing everyone loves to make fun of is that there is no defense or they don’t try hard. Well no shit. There is no defense in any all star game for the most part. They turn off certain rules in the Pro Bowl because they don’t want someone to get CTE or tear an ACL in a “friendly” (Little soccer talk for you footies out there). Honestly, this is one of things I love about the Pro Bowl. You get to watch professional football players play professional backyard football.

They could make a league out of that and I’d watch it. Why not? You got the AFA, the XFL and more coming out this year. Why not a league of just retired players that just fuck around the whole time. Johnny Manziel throwing the rock to Josh Gordan. JaMarcus Russel to Charles Rodgers.

Related image

I’d pay for that. A league made out of NFL busts and recently retired players that wanna still want to play, just playing ball like kids in the yard. Let’s Go. Call the Championship the Cereal Bowl like the G.O.A.T game of all time.

Image result for nfl backyard football 99

Back to the Pro Bowl.

Image result for peyton manning jeff saturday pro bowl

Pictured is Jeff Saturday apart of the Packers at the time snapping the ball to his boy and former teammate Peyton Manning of the Broncos. This doesn’t happen in other sports. This is fuckin’ awesome. This is the last time Jeff Saturday snapped a football and he was able to do it with his BOY! Look at this history of these two in Hawaii together.

Image result for peyton manning jeff saturday pro bowl
Love the leis.
Image result for peyton manning jeff saturday pro bowl
leis again
Image result for peyton manning jeff saturday pro bowl
Back when the Pro Bowl was after the Super Bowl. Just show up big dick swinging to the All-Star game with a hangover and a Lombardi.
Image result for peyton manning jeff saturday pro bowl
Just look at his picture, are you kidding me? I love Hawaii and I love the Pro Bowl.

The Pro Bowl used to be different than any other all star game because it was played in Hawaii every year. Nowadays they play the game in Florida. And I hate it. I honestly hate it. Its not like I go to the Pro Bowl and would rather be going to Hawaii than Florida. But, it’s just that these fans in Hawaii are so much more into it than the Florida fans. Like, they have 3 teams to route for all year and there all trash. Miami, Tampa Bay and the Jags. C’mon. The fans in Hawaii are just thirsty for football and the NFL took that from the good people of our 49th state.

Complaint 3: They tried make it like other leagues and have captains pick the teams (like a backyard game) but it should be by conference and the uniforms should be red, white and blue. I long for the past, obviously. I don’t like the Nike uniforms in the Pro Bowl. This isn’t an Oregon Ducks game, this the Pro Bowl lets act like it.

Image result for pro bowl uniforms

Give me these classics (or the ones with Peyton)

Image result for the worst probowl unis

The 3 complaints I have about my beloved Pro-Bowl call for a good ole, “Fire Roger Goodell”.

Anyways, fuck the haters. The Pro Bowl is the best in sports. Football is king.


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