We just watched the best day of football ever.

What a day!

First, we had the Rams making a come back and not leading the whole game until the final score appeared. We saw our first NFC overtime game since 2005 and the Saints should of won and Drew Brees should be in the Super Bowl.

But he’s not. And we already have the refs apologizing for miss calls and we have reports saying Sean Payton called league offices. Classic.

Great start to the day.

Then we head to KC.

Holy moly we had another dandy.

2nd AFC Championship game go to overtime ever and the first since 1986. So we have never seen a day like this on Championship Sunday. 2 overtime games are just a cherry on top to a great season.

This AFC game was something special. 4th quarter alone we saw the most points every scored in a championship game. We saw Tom Brady go on 3 separate game winning drives. We saw Pat Mcholmes answer with 2 game winning drives. Then we saw the final game winning drive on OT. Tom Brady made some of the best throws I’ve ever seen in someone of the smallest of windows. Julien Edelman made some man catches, Gronk made a comeback appearance for old time sakes. What a wild game. What a wild day. Don’t take this granted. Games like these don’t come around ever. Wow.


Super Bowl is going to be awesome.


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