Jalen Hurts will set Oklahoma back 5 years! Bad fit for the Sooners.

Baker Mayfield, electric playmaker, moves on his feet and throws like Brett Farve

Kyler Murry, electric playmaker, moves fast on his feet. Has a cannon of an arm, and moves like Russell Wilson.

Jalen Hurts..

He’s a running back before a QB. He runs people over, not super fast, just powerful. He’s not a thrower either because if you remember, Alabama ran a totally different offense when he was the QB. They were running QB runs and QB directional runs ALL DAY. It was a rare to see him sit in the pocket and pick a D apart.

Nick Saben knew the same thing. When he realized how much better of a player Tua is, he immediately benched Hurts for Tua. Also, for anyone who says Jalen brought them back in the SEC championship while down at Half is a crazy person. Just slapping every other player on Offense and Defense player in the face.

Unless Oklahoma switches up their offensive mentality, which they won’t, this makes no sense.

Jalen going to Maryland, who just hired his old OC from Alabama, makes soooooo much more sense that Jalen to Oklahoma.

Jalen going to Miami even made sense because they hired a brand new coach, who also hired the QB coach from Alabama.

Jalen going to Oklahoma makes no sense. Unless if he’s 1) getting paid 2) getting paid or 3) getting paid, than this makes no sense at all and I’ll leave it at that.

This isn’t the NFL where players can bounce around to different teams and still be competitive and that’s cause mostly all NFL plays are the same just with different lingo.

Transferring to a team school can break you. Brand new school, brand new classes, brand new plays, and schemes. It’s harder than everyone makes it seem. Specially after bring a household name at Bama. Usually the no name guy who never gets a chance transfers and can maybe make a name for himself. Most the time when these guys transfer, there name just goes out into outer space and isn’t heard from again.

So a PSA for all sooner nation. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, it might seem like it and you got yourself a name at QB but when November hits and apple picking season is over, Boomer Sooner might not be where they want or think they should be at. Just saying.

P.S Tate Martell transferring to the U is exactly what is wrong with this country now a days.

Oh you want to be a starting QB? And everything that you thought was gonna happen is changing and you aren’t going to be just handed the keys to the car next season and you might have to work for it? And earn it?

Yeah that seems like hard work, I’ll just transfer!

Seems like a 2020 decision.

P.S P.S: imagine of Justin Fields is declared ineligible because he is leaving for no good reason.. And Tate is gone…. who will Be Ohio State’s QB?????! Uh oh that’s not good!

Matthew Baldwin. Good luck


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