Mixed Reviews on Gillette Ad #GilletteAd

In the case you live under a rock, you may have missed a commercial that Gillette put out this past Monday on social media taking on “Toxic Masculinity”. Genius marketing, it provoked emotion out of people, causing them to hit that Retweet/share button. That was the whole point of the ad. I mean some of the things they attacked we’re just dumb. Let’s be real.

There is a scene in the commercial, dads standing around a grill watching their sons wrestle one another. When one of the dad’s (obviously a beta) pulls them apart and says, “we don’t treat eachother like that”. Like what? I don’t get it. We don’t wrestle kids our own age at a BBQ? Where it’s obviously a friend or why the hell are you at a BBQ with them? Seriously? That’s an issue in 2019? No more play fighting for 10 year old boys.
A boy can wrestle with his buddies and not turn into an asshole. Just saying.

Image result for gillette commercial

The ad also addresses obvious points, (to people with a little bit of a conscience) – like for example, you shouldn’t online bully or call boys a sissy. I’m not saying that bullying is okay, it’s not. But, have we come to this as a society? That a razor company, is going to tell us that we should tell our sons to be decent human beings – we’re going to praise them for doing so? Give me a break. I mean, seriously.

Image result for you throw like a girl

The commercial did make some good points about sexual assault and harassment and “man”slpaning in the workplace. I have no arguments about that. Obviously, you shouldn’t be an dick towards women, in any capacity. I would never mansplane anything in the workplace. Actually, I try my best to be quiet in the workplace because my dad taught me, “Son, you can be quiet and let people think you’re an idiot, or you can open your mouth and let people know you’re an idiot”.

On a separate note: I do want to point out that the commercial showed a scene of kids watching MTV and there was a music video of girls dancing in a rap video. Meanwhile – Nicki Minaj is about to go certified Diamond for the song “Super Bass” with the music video that looks like this.

Image result for nicki minaj super bass video

What about “Toxic Femininity”. Jesus, I think we should really take a look at that. Just saying, if you’ve been to college you know, girls are absolutely disgusting. Not all of them, just like not all men are. I think music videos like above lead to that. My take not yours.

I think Gillette had a great marketing ploy. That is what it is, its a ploy. It gets people talking. It might actually hurt their sales more than it helps to be honest. I can see loyal Gillette guys, not buying overpriced Gillette razors just because of this commercial. At the end of the day, that is what marketing is about. Sales. The jury is still out on this one.

As for me and my family, we’ve been using Harry’s for quite a while now. This commercial does not make me want to start buying razors at the store again. In fact, I’ll probably try Dollar Shave Club next.


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