The 2018 Season Review

Check out the League History page to view the season to season history of our league. The 2018 NFL was a season of offensive juggernauts, high flying offenses took over the league from coast to coast. The League welcomed our owner on waivers since last season, Ryan Eyler to the ranks and Connor Ruschell as our 12th owner. What a ride this has been for the past 5 seasons. We’ve seen turnover from season to season, we’ve lost some original owners, we’ve seen the one and done owners. Patty, due to a place of employment rule could not participate in the League this season, he turned over ownership to Charles Beaubian. As always we held our League Meeting, this time in the McCormick Basement home of two champions. The rookies decided to skip the league meeting even though they signed a binding contract via Google Form that said they would not miss it. Note that Charles our third rookie, was able to make it. We decided to change from 1 whole point for yards and go with the decimal system. Tyler purchased our PoopDick Trophy, though he didn’t record himself purchasing it which would have been good content. We raised the stakes to $40 League Dues. Winner gets $400 Runner-Up gets his money back.
The playoffs started with some familiar faces and some not so familiar faces. We had the Commish for his 3rd playoff appearance and Dave McCormick for his 4th consecutive season. The Rookies would prevail beating the two vets and play in the BBB Bowl for “The Joey” Trophy. Charles Beaubian defeated Ryler in the championship, to capture his first championship and maybe only. What a season.

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