Eric Ebron comes back to 🌎

Ya know, sometimes the grass is in fact greener on the other side. And that may just be the case with Eric Ebron in Indianapolis. But… I wouldn’t be too quick to say that the feeling is all too mutual.

Being a Detroit Lions fan for all of my life I am familiar with Ebron’s NFL career. 1st round, 10th overall pick. High praise for a high talent. With one gasping attribute missing… clutch factor.

When the lights since brightest, Erbon scurries for shade. When you need a big time catch out of one of the top receiving TE’s in the league, Ebron turtles into his shoulder pads.

It just sucks that it took a national televised, Playoff game for the city of Indy to realize EE’s true colors.

This is what a 15 million dollar contract did all day for the Colts.


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