Lions 2019 game by game preview (with results)

I know, you know, we all know the Lions will have a completely different looking roster next season. Add in the draft and free agents, who knows what the roster will look like but I know one thing, the schedule looks great. Teams change every off season and sometimes the ball doesn’t bounce your way and it could change your whole season. For example, the Jags, were a couple plays away from the Super Bowl and were a hot pick in the off season and then they almost lose every game this season so as Kevin Garnett says “anything is possible”

First we will go over the home games:

(Not sure when we play these teams but we have the opponents and the results. NO SCORES)

Cowboys: W– we will beat the Cowboys at home because the cowboys were such a mess this year and had to do everything to make the playoffs. Look for a huge decline in them Boys next year.

Chargers L- I know Phillip Rivers is getting old but they have enough young play makers to beat the Lions. Should be a good game because it’s home.

Chiefs L– don’t need to say much about this one. If you think the Lions can beat the Chiefs, you are crazy.

Giants W- Giants have a solid players but more than likely they will have a rookie QB. No bueno in the NFL. Lions take this one easy.

Tampa Bay Bucs W– easy win. They will have a new coach and the Jamies Winston hype is long gone. Lions will take this easy at home.

Da Bears L-hard loss. The bears are going to be a monster. We missed our opportunity with the Bears when we beat them 9 out of 10 times and didn’t do nothing in the North. We’re gonna take some L’s vs them for awhile.

Packers W– the complete opposite of the Bears. We’re starting to own Green Bay. Coming off a end of the season win at GB to make it a 4 game winning streak. They will have a new coach next season and that could be a tricky situation. Lions keep rolling.

Vikings W– Vikings suck. They will never recover from this season or the signing of Captain Kirk. They folded under pressure on the season finale and that’s tough to recover from.

Prediction: 5-3 at home.

Road Games:

@Arizona W– easy win here. Cardinals are a dumpster fire. They fire a coach after one season? That’s crazy. Look for them to maybe be the third team ever to go 0-16.

@Denver W– this is going to be a hard game. Only reason I think the Lions will Win is because the Broncos will have a new coach and all of there playmakers are getting old. Hard road win for the Lions!

@Oakland W– another easy win. They will have a hard time to win a game next season because Jon is tanking. Look for him to trade Derrick Carr before the season starts. Lions roll.

@Eagles L– this is a tough game to pick. They could win another Super Bowl this year. If they do I think the Lions will this game because all of their magic will be up and they will really struggle.

@Washington W-dumpster fire alert! Can’t trust this team and their coach and their QB. Idk how Gruden has made it this far without getting fired because he hasn’t done a thing in his 5 years. Most coaches get fired way before that.

@Da Bears L– just like our home game, bears will dominate us. We missed our chances in years past, you know the story.

@Packers W– remember we own the Packers now and Matt Patrica is 1-0 at Lambeau in his career, love those odds.

@Vikings L– Vikings will be tough to sweep next season because they have decent players but just not a great team. They will be .500 but will be a tough road game to win.

Road record: 5-3

Overall season prediction 10-6 (2nd in the North)

Again, this is impossible to know what each team will look like next season but I know forsure the Lions will make the playoffs and win double digit win.

Forward down the fielddddd!

Gooooooo Lions!!


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