If you binge Law & Order SVU, You’re a Psychopath

I like a good cop show, don’t get me wrong.

I also like a good law show. Hell, I was in mock trial in High School for pete’s sake.

I used to watch alot of cop shows; some of them include:

-Law & Order – this show wasn’t my favorite, but at least there was a chance that it’s not a completely fucked up scenario.

-Cold Case – This show was cool because all the crimes happened like 50 years ago so when they caught the guy who did it, he was like eating dinner with his family when they arrest him for murder. Classic.

-CSI – Not a huge CSI guy, though anything with the Sam Malone can’t be bad

Criminal Minds – Pretty cool show. They’re in the FBI so they travel as a pack to random cities and towns across America; the best part is when they take over a rural town in BFE and the local police get butthurt.

I’ve watched SVU, it had some solid moments, but every episode it seems someone is getting raped or something of that nature. I don’t care what anyone says. Oh you like it? You enjoy binge watching kids getting fucked by pedos? Okay. Good for you

“It’s not that aspect I enjoy, it’s the character’s development and watching the process of saving the victim” okay, whatever helps you sleep at night.

I’m good on that.

I’m more into watching Brooklyn 99, or Boston Legal, or Franklin and Bash if I’m gonna watch a cop/law show.

Watching people get murdered, torcherd, kidnapped, raped, etc is not my cup of tea. Call me crazy.

If you binge watch SVU you are a Psychopath. No doubt about it.

There was one episode if SVU with John Stamos where he has like 30ish kids with 30ish different women, probably one of the lightest episodes they’ve made.


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