Jim Bob, No Job.

Jim Bob Cooter has been let go by the Detroit Lions.

I wouldn’t say this was a shocker. Lion fans knew he had to go and we needed to move on.

It was a nice ride with JBC over the last 4 seasons. He was a bright rising star who took over for Joe Lombardi, who was 10 times worse than JBC. JBC came in and showed some great bright spots and did things a little differently then what we were used too.

JBC should of been let go when Matt Patrica came to town but he gave him one year to prove his worth and he failed. Never hated Jimmy but he wasn’t going be the missing coaching piece we needed.

Top 3 candidates to be the next Lions OC:

1. Adam Gase

Long shot but we need to do whatever we can to try and get him to take a pay cut and become the OC. I mean he’s from Ypsilanti….. homecoming.

2. Todd Haley

I don’t know if this would work but he’s a big time character and would bring a creative side to the offense we have been looking for.

3. Pep Hamilton

Every year they’re rumors of Pep leaving Michigan and going to the NFL. He was spotted on the Lions sideline this past weekend in Green Bay.

Whatever we do, I feel confident in the decision making of Matt Patrica and Bob Quinn. They made the right decision in getting rid of the JBC, that was the first step.

Forward down the field!

Gooooooooooooooooo Liooooooons


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