Michigan Sucks. FIRE EVERYONE.

Hot take city from maybe the craziest fan base of all time.

Let’s think back..

Week 6th through about 9 everyone was in love with the offense. The defense was dominating. Everything was looking great. We’re back.

Fast Forward to right now..

Everyone wants changes! Again. just like last year. We suck on offense. We suck on defense. Our coaches suck. The players suck. Everyone should be gone.

Realistically, Michigan’s season ended with Ohio State. We had a bad week and it ruined our season. Florida has a first year Head Coach and they were coming off a bad season last year. They just brought it. Wanted it more.


Harbaugh isn’t a bad coach. Shea Patterson isn’t a bad QB. Don Brown isn’t overrated.

Michigan had their eyes and heart on playing at the 4:00 or 8:00 game that is tonight. Not the Peach Bowl at noon. This game made Florida’s season.

Winning this game wouldn’t have made me feel any better than losing it. Because Ohio State ruined our season a few weeks ago. This game was just something to do for the players and watch for the fans. No one wants to be Peach Bowl Champs, that’s lame. Big Ten Champs or National Champs or it’s a bust. Win or lose this game today, the season was still going to be a bust.

Michigan will be back in September ready to roll with big time excitement. Sucks right now and all off season but easy with all the hot takes about Harbaugh being overrated.

Just remember Rich Rod and Brady Hoke. Harbaugh inherited the culture those guys built. Takes a little time to shift that losing culture into a winning. We’re getting there.

Patience is key.


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