A Trip to Lambeu Field

I got to visit Lambeu Field today, and it was everything I thought it would be. If you’re a football guy you know about the history of this field and team. The frozen tundra. Lombardi. The ole gunslinger, Favre. Roddddddgaaaas. The amount of history this stadium has witnessed is hard to put into words.

Not much compares to the history of the Green Bay Packers. Just a small town, with a football team. If they didn’t have the Packers, you probably wouldn’t have ever heard of Green Bay, Wisconsin. I’m a guy who loves tradition- and the Packers just ooze it. For starters, if you didn’t know, Green Bay is owned by the public. People have season tickets and pass it down to their kin when they pass and keep it in the family. If you want season tickets, you gotta wait in line, they’ve been sold out since 1960. The lines pretty long.

Just look at this field, no obnoxious advertising from corporations selling insurance, banking or anything- anywhere. Mostly everything in the stadium for food/drink, is from Wisconsin. Miller Lite is the sponsor, but New Glaurus Spotted Cow is the drink of choice. Both from Wisconsin.

Kentucky Blue Grass. The field the game is supposed to be played on. No one is allowed on the field during tours, but I had to touch it. It was the softest grass I’ve ever felt. Just well taken care of. You could tell who ever is in charge of the grass maintenance takes pride in their work, similar to the pride a Midwest father takes in keeping a nice lawn.

The bleachers in the stadium are gritty as can be. Looks similar to the Big House? It was modeled after it when it was built in ’57.

This is the exact weather I was hoping for when I found out we were going on the stadium tour. Football weather.

Overall, I gotta get back for a game, hopefully a Lions game that actually has implications and hopefully it’s a snowstorm. I want the Green Bay experience. The tour guide chirped me quite a bit but that’s all in good fun, and I was wearing a Stafford jersey so can’t blame her.

I will say I wish the Lions had better history, obviously. Like an historic coach, players, stadium and traditions. We just don’t. It’s sad if you’re into that thing. The Packers literally practice next door to the stadium, and people live across the street. We have the Lions practicing in Allen Park and playing in Detroit and before that they played in Pontiac. We just don’t have that same tradition. It’s sad.

All in all. If you’re a football fan, you gotta go to Green Bay.


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