BRAIN FREEZE – a short story about Carleton slushies

Arguably the most admired treat any one could ever bring to you in the middle of a school day and most commonly known in the streets of Carleton as “frozen cokes” or “slushies.”

Slushie, Freezee, Big Gulp, Slurpie, or ICEE.

We all drink them, you all love them, and I’ll just grade them!

As for the Village of Carleton goes, everybody knows the ranking goes Speedway, Circle K, and coming in at a distant 3rd is Sunoco with there street fair colored slushies.

Only thing is, you better hope when you get to Speedway that the light isn’t flickering over your favorite flavor. If not, you’re golden. 10 out of 10. Consistency and flavor meet to create a mouth gazsm. There is a time and place for Circle K slushees in my opinion. You know what your getting your self into when you walk in the doors. Amazing flavor for about 1/4 of your drink. Then, some sort of chemical reaction happens and all goes to hell. If your into subpar, 99c slush. Do it up.

But wait. There’s more?

What if I were to tell you, the people, that there men, women, and children that are starting to murmur about the new “BEST” slushie in town…

“Woah, those are fighting words in my town partner,” will be what the majority would say to that, and they would be right, but just hear me out.

The 4th location with all the hoopla around it is actually tucked in the back corner, but most active part of town. The Carleton Pharmacy. Yep, the Pharmacy is now proudly serving Polar Bear ICEE slushies. A small operation with just two flavors for all to enjoy. The OG Coca Cola and then Cherry Cola. Two staples you need for any great slushie.

So in closing, all my fellow Carleton slushie enthusiasts, get in your car and head down to the pharmacy – pick up your prescription and freeze that brain!

Life take – Speedway Coke slushees taste better and last longer in the styrofoam cups as opposed to plastic. Also, no sweating on the cup.


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