Cincinnati Reds, Why?

Okay, I know it’s bowl season and Christmas break but baseball never sleeps. And we’re here for you to give you the top information on the Internet.

What were the reds thinking?

The Dodgers have been trying to win the World Series for the last few years and have came up short every season.

In what world does it make sense to trade for players who can’t win? Can’t put it all together?

This would be a huge trade,if the Reds just got Mookie Betts, Chris Sale, and Jackie Bradley. All proven winners. Matt Kemp, Yasiel Puig, Alex Kemp, and Farmer are all bums who can’t win and are problems on a team who are looking for solutions.

Here is a quick analysis of all the players the Dodgers gave away.

Alex Wood

Lefty who throws 88. Good sink, ground ball pitcher. But I think he’s seen his better days

Matt Kemp he’s just old. Has been.

Kyle Farmer he’s a minor league catcher who got a little play in the majors last season. Reminds me of James McCann. Who’s not very good.

Yasiel Puig

Puig is the only asset the Reds got and still he’s not that special. He brings more Flair than skills. If you think back he was coming off the bench most of the season and didn’t start every day in the playoffs.

Also he’s gonna look so weird in a Reds jersey lol.

On a different note, the Reds haven’t been good at all in recent years. They have made the playoffs only 3 times since 1999. They were quick trips in the playoffs and made no noise. Check out the misery for the Reds:

The highlighted years are the years they made the playoffs.

Bottom line is that I respect the Reds for trying to go for it and trying to win some games. But man o man. You could of tried to build around different players than Yasiel Puig and Matt Kemp…. yikes.

Joey Votto is old and you can build around someone that hold. Don’t try that argument.

Only way the Reds win again is if they bring that Pete Rose to do something with the organization. Until then, much of L’s


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