Josh Gordon leaves football

Holy hell.

Josh Gordon is stepping away from football …AGAIN!

After playing in just 10 games since 2014 and being traded from the Browns to the Patriots, Gordon is taking a break again to focus on his mental health…

Just a few weeks out from the playoffs, the Patriots have lost back to back games in December which doesn’t happen. Now they lost Gordon going into January.

The Patriots released a statement basically saying they’re gonna wish Gordon well and keep things in house. That’s such a Pats move, they lock things up better than any team in the league. Last year with the Brady and Jimmy G shenanigans. The conspiracy theories about Belichik and Kraft breaking up. They just zip their lips and move on.

So I’m not gonna say their rein of dominance is over yet, though the water is looking rough. I won’t buy that the Pats 18 year train they’ve ran on the league is over until they lose in January, Brady retires or Belichik murders Kraft for getting rid of undefeated, 2 time Super Bowl champion, never thrown a interception (at the time) Jimmy G. Until any of that happens, the Pats are still the Pats in my eyes. Fuck them.

As for Gordon, I hope he gets the help he needs – maybe some green will do the trick for him and he’ll be back next year playing for Denver or Seattle or with Vegas.


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