Stafford suffers from too much estrogen

We all know Stafford hasn’t had the best season. I’ve tried to blame the coaching change, offensive line and Jim Bob Cooter (link). I can’t do it anymore, though those points all are valid, and Stafford is my l
boy. I think I know what’s causing this poor season.

Too much estrogen.

Football is a game played with testosterone. Stafford just doesn’t have enough in the tank. He already had a wife and a pair of twin daughters. This past off-season he had his third baby girl. It truly is a beautiful family. All I’m saying is he needs to add a son to the fam.

He gets home from practice and he goes to dad mode. That’s fine, I’m sure he’s the best dad. I follow Kelly on Instagram, so I know he is (Phillip Rivers might have him beat). The thing is he doesn’t have much male contact after he’s done at work. If he had a son he could spend his time teaching him the game of football, watching film with him, throwing a little football at him, other football dad stuff. The biggest benefit is the testosterone boost.

Look at the leagues best QB’s

Drew Brees : 2 sons

Tom Brady: 2 sons

Aaron Rodgers: Danica Patrick, no kids

Philip Rivers: at least 2 sons

You see my point.

If the Lions want to have success, they need to fire Jim Bob Cooter and Matthew Stafford needs to have a son. Probably some other shit too.

He could name him Clayton Kershaw Stafford.


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