PLAYOFFS! Preview of the fantasy playoffs and a recap of the season that it was.

It’s that time of year again. Where the best of the best of fantasy players continue their season in quest for a league championship and the followers watch meaningless football for the last four weeks of the regular season. Every week, us fantasy owners, get so excited to watch all the games and watch all of our payers perform, you get that feeling that you are fighting for a title with every catch, yard gained and pick 6.

But now.

Only four owners get that feeling and its a prestigious feeling that you shouldn’t take for granted, I surely don’t take it for granted, because its not given every year. A lot of people think fantasy is all luck and will disagree with this take but fantasy football is all skill and careful planning. Our league motto has never failed since we created it “you cant win your league on draft night, but you can lose it”. Usually every year someone has a brutal draft and you can tell on draft night their season is over. Thats why this isn’t luck but its life.

Now lets move too the good stuff.

As everyone knows we moved up to a 12 man league this season and a lot of people were worried about it. I knew this would weed out the non factors and the cream would rise to the top. This season was our most competitive season yet, we had one team with 9 wins, three teams with 8 wins, three teams with 7 wins and two teams with 6. This league has parity like I’ve never seen before and its a testament to the professionalism of our league owners.

The season ended with looking like this:


  1. Austin Patterson/Charles Beaubien (8-5) 1686.3 – This is the first time ever a team with a manager and general manager running the show. Austin constructed the team on draft night (I think) and Charles has been pulling the strings on the day to day basis. One of those Steve Kerr/Luke Walton things. Charles leads the team too a good season but Austin gets the career wins. Championship percentage chance: 33%

2. Ryan Eyler (8-5) 1558.4– Ryan is new too the league this season and has had a decent season. Seems like Ryan is a boom or bust team because some weeks he scores 155 points and some weeks like last week, it seemed like he had 65 points. I think he auto drafted but not really sure but Ryan was suppose to be in the league last year but was over seas, serving, and wherever he was he couldn’t get access to the ESPN App. Commissioner Griff called the ESPN offices and tried too get them too get service out to Ryan but had no luck. So, he had to wait a year and here he is competing for a title. Championship Chance: 25%

3. Scott McCormick (7-6) 1656.7– Scott had a weird team. he got unlucky with Leveon deciding not the play this year. But he got James Conner which was a lucky move. He had a bunch of role players that formed a solid team that ended up scoring a good amount of points this season. As you can see he scored more than Ryan who made the playoffs. Scott is the only 2 time champion in the league so no one feels bad for him.

4. Tyler Blankenship (7-6) 1589– Tyler had a great bounce back season. As we know Tyler came in last place in the league last season and thats never good. Just not good. But he bounced back and had a respectable season. Made a run at the end of the season that almost got him into the playoffs. But one big thing with Tyler, I think he auto drafted his team. If I remember correctly he came online and picked a defense and then went back to auto drafting. Crazy move but almost worked out. But anyone can win with  an auto draft.

5. Will Henley (7-6) 1559.6 – Our farthest west league member who resides in New Mexico had an another respectable season. Every year he is in the hunt for a title but hasn’t pulled through yet. I think Will was in the title game last season or the year before. Honestly this could be the first year Will hasn’t made the playoffs.

6. Alex Urdual (6-7) 1655.9 -The defending champion of the league will not get a chance too defend his crown. Wall fell a little short of the playoffs but as you can see he scored enough points too win. He had a fine season and its a shame he came in last in this division with scoring so many points.


  1. Jake Griffith (9-4) 1592.4 – Griff is the commish, he runs the show, he runs the meetings, he makes deals with sponsors and everything in between. He needs a title. He’s been really close the last few years but hasn’t pushed through. He has a good team but his best player is a scum bag. You know Karem Hunt. So, that took a huge hit too his championship percentage: 45%
  2. Dave McCormick (8-5) 1882.9– I don’t want to toot my own horn but man oh man look at those points scored. I was the scoring champion this season my a wide margin. I feel confident going into the playoffs about winning my second title. Championship Percentage: 67%
  3. Alex Jennings (6-7) 1620– Shooter is in the elite club of champions. This was a uncharacteristic season for him. He scored a ton of points, more than griff, who won the division. Respectable season by shoot but I know he’s itching to get back into the playoffs.
  4. Conner Ruschel (4-9) 1573.1– Conner is brand new to the league. His made it through the process and applying to the league and made it through all of his interviews. we had a fine group of applicants and Conner rose to the top. On the field though, Conner, had a tough first season. Not much to say, his record speaks for it self but he scored enough points to stay away from the last place bowl game which is bad news.
  5. Rob Dawg (4-9) 1554.9– Robbie has improved. I know it doesn’t look like it but he only had 1 win last year. So, getting up to 4 wins this season its nothing but improvement. I think he lead the league in improvement wins, actually never mind, T Blank, improved more. Any who, Robbie, finds himself in his second poop dick bowl (I think we need to change the name of that bowl, I don’t approve of it) and its a bowl game no one wants to be in. As you can see, Bob, was 19 points away from forcing Conner into that bowl game but thats the way the cookie crumbles.
  6. Bryce Cole (4-9) 1409– Tough year for the baby assassin. he didn’t score many points as we can see and thats a combo that leads to last place. Not much to say but that Bryce doesn’t want to be in this situation. But, someone has to be there and I hope he has a good to weeks or it will be a long off season for Bryce.

The season always goes by in a bling of an eye. It feels like the opening Thursday night game that got delayed, happened last night. Week 14 is here and buckle up. Playoffs start now.



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