BREAKING: Urban Meyer will retire after the Rose Bowl.

News just coming Out of Columbus this morning that Urban Meyer will retire after the Rose Bowl vs Washington. To say that I’m surprised is an under statement. Just like everyone else I thought Urban was lying about the whole situation just like he did at Florida. It’s a classic Urban move right from his playbook. “Fake an illness so people forget about all the bad things I did”. It was the same exact thing he did at Florida. Again I’m shocked and surprised it was announced this early.

Now the questions are coming out about who will replace Urban? How will this affect recruiting? Will Ohio state continue to dominate? Well, to answer these questions, I don’t now who will replace uncle Urban but I know they won’t be nearly as good. Urban was one of the best coaches ever ( probably was cheating, because it’s impossible to be that good every year unless you’re cheating) and whoever replaces him won’t live up to Urban standards. There will be a press conference at 2:00 in Columbus. He’s going to say his health is the reason but we know there is something else.

Either way I’m jacked up because this opens the door for Michigan to finally break through!

Good Riddance, Urban. Mostly everyone in college football won’t miss you.


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