It’s time to partways with Jim Bob Cooter

I know, I know, Jim Bob Cooter has by far best name in football, if not sports. But it’s time to fire his ass!

Check out this tweet from Shefty

The Lions gotta jump on the bandwagon and start cleaning up during the season. We fired our ST coordinator already, let’s keep it moving.

We have a 28.5 million dollar QB in Stafford who throws the ball passed 15 yards maybe at most 5 times a game. We throw the ball behind the line of scrimmage more than we throw towards the sticks.

JBC’s offense is so simple, I know what’s going to happen and I have very little experience playing defense in the NFL. Just look at the best offenses in the league, they are shifting and moving before every play, no body knows what’s about to happen. The Lions just walk up to the line and snap the ball with a second left on the play clock, allowing the defense to jump the snap.

JBC started off hot when he first took over as OC 3 years ago but since then we have gone downhill and fast.

I think this move would solidify Matty P as the head coach and get alot of heads turned for sure. This would be a huge statement, that we are not going to settle for mediocrity under this administration.

I love you Jim Bob Cooter, I’ll probably name my first born after you. But

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