To say I am disgusted would be an understatement, here I am on the brink of the Fantasy Football Playoffs and my first round draft pick is probably done for the season. The last week of the regular season. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?

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TMZ Sports released this article today and you can read it for yourself and watch the videos here:  http://www.tmz.com/2018/11/30/kc-chiefs-kareem-hunt-attacked-kicked-woman-surveillance-video/  

I know this is a hot-button issue but I’m going to break down this video, from my POV. I’m sure the internet is a rational place that won’t take offense to what I’m about to say. 

To say Hunt started the altercation based off the video, would be ridiculous. You have no idea what that women said to him, you just see him turn the corner and say get outta here with his fingers. Than she said something that (I assume) upset Hunt. Kareem’s friends tried to stop him from charging at this 19 year old girl – but he’s obviously intoxicated (as the video was taken at 3:22 am – which doesn’t make it okay – just trying to set a scene). When his friends finally get him into the room… the girl’s friend PULLS OUT HER CELL PHONE and takes a video of the girl pursuing him into the room (Almost like it was planned or something (huh) why not just get out of the fucking hallway if they weren’t trying to cause a scene).

Anyways, Kareem’s friend was holding the girl back, then the NFL’s leading rusher charged – hitting his friend into the women into the wall and onto the ground. Hell breaks lose again and Kareem gives a light jab of the foot to the women as she was trying to get back up. 

Obviously, this is wrong. It should have never came to this. The NFL should have suspended him awhile ago. I think Roger Goodell should be fired for trying to cover this up which its very obvious the NFL did. You hate to see it, as a human. All I’m saying, is this thing could be seen 100 different ways by 100 different people this is my take on it. I’m a Toledo guy, I’m a football guy, I’m not a women abuser sympathizer, I’m just a guy who has Kareem Hunt on fantasy and wants to win a ship. 

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