Detroit Style Square Pizza is the Best.

Think about this-

New York City has world renowned thin sliced pizza. They’re known for it. If you go to NYC you get a slice of za, it’s just the way it is.

Chicago is the same way with it’s deep dish pizza. People constantly talk about deep dish pizza like it’s good or something. Literally anytime someone on your Instagram feed goes to Chicago (which is like once or twice a week for me), they post a picture of Deep Dish pizza. It’s mostly bread with some sauce and an ass ton of cheese but yeah if that’s what you like that’s fine with me.

Now there is a city in-between New York and Chicago that doesn’t get the credit it deserves for being a pizza town (or for anything for that matter). Some call Detroit “The Grittiest City in America” and it has the best damn pizza.

Detroit lies between NYC and Chicago, (slightly closer to Chicago). Like the city it hails from, it’s pizza is also in-between a ChiTown Deep Dish and a New York thin sliced. The Detroit square pizza – originated by Buddy’s Pizza way back when. (Jet’s Pizza popularized it nation wide but they leave out where it came from, so fuck Jet’s Pizza).

It is the best – you get the bread thats crispy as all get out and you get to enjoy it with the toppings without feeling like you just ate a herd of antelope (talking to you Chicago). So for the pizza lovers of the internet that didn’t know about Detroit Pizza – go get some.


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