Detroit Media is trying to get Matt Patricia fired and it’s so sad. We have your back!!

Matt Patrica has had way many contentious press conferences in his first 10 weeks. Makes no sense. Sure, we’re 3-6 but as everyone can see, we have some veteran players who just don’t want anything to do with hard work. I’m not going to name, names but if you watch, you know. And we’re not going to have success with no hard work, simple math.

The most recent scuffle at a presser happen yesterday when Patrica opened with a 851 work statement about why they practiced outside in the snow.

Are you joking?

Who cares where they practiced. It’s practice. As my buddy Allen Iverson once said “we’re talking about practice”


So, Patrica came out and just gave the media all the facts of the benefits of practicing on real grass and how over practicing on turf is really bad for joints and the big fellas knees, etc…He said more things and pretty much put the Detroit Media in a body bag.

(Just like he did a few weeks ago when he told a reporter to fix his posture if he’s going to talk to him. Lol love that)

It’s just crazy that all these reporters who probably didn’t play football just question and criticize Matts every single move. Let the man coach and do his job! You think he wants to lose? You think he wants to be known as a bad coach?

Get outta here. He came from a championship franchise, that’s alllllllll he knows! Literally. Championships every other year. Let the him do his job and see where it goes. The lions have never won a NFL championship in the super bowl era. I think it’s pretty obvious that what we were doing wasn’t working before and for anyone who thought it would be the same as the last few years and we should be contending right now are crazy people.

It takes time to turn a dumpster fire into a franchise with a heat beat. The Lions have been in the dumps forever! I’ve never seen a playoff win. And that’s crazy!! Some of the worst football franchises have multiple playoff wins in that time span.

It’s sad that no one in the Detroit Media realizes that and are trying to run Patrica out of town just like they ran the best coach in my life time out of town, Jim Caldwell. If we get a new coach, we’re just going to be right back at square one.

“doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity”- someone said that but the point is that the Lions have been doing the same thing over and over again and we finally have guys who are doing things different and we want him gone too? That’s crazy. Let him coach, build his team the way he wants too and be PATIENT!

Toughest thing in the world now a days for you youngsters is patient. But we’re going to need it if you want to win.

*i really felt like everyone in the world has been ripping Patrica and he needed have a someone to have his back. *

The League has your back, Matt!


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