LSU RB # 4 was gambling on the Arkansas game.

Holy cow. I don’t have the videos to show you but I suggest going to find those videos.

LSU running back, Number 4, could of walked into the end zone with 1 minute left in the game but decided to slide and let the clock run out, just like Todd Gurley did last week. Okay, that’s fine. Then, they come to the ball with 45 seconds left and RUN THE BALL AGAIN. He could of scored ANOTHER touchdown but instead of reaching the ball over the goal line, he went down again!! Then, with 20 seconds left they try and RUN AGAIN!

LSU could of just took a knee after the first slide, Arkansas had no time outs left, but they didn’t. They tried to score again and Number 4 just fell down. The end of that game was so wild, made no sense. Something was going on with the line. LSU won by 7 and the line was 13.5. So both of those non touchdowns, that should of both been Touchdowns, would of won a lot of people money. Maybe just won Number 4 a lot of Monday!

Everybody has their own grind!

Go Tigers


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