Duke isn’t that good and here is why!

Come on people.

Duke beat a team that ran out a bunch of freshmen on the court, who are 18-19 years old. Sure, Duke is good but everyone who is saying Duke is a automatic win for the national title is clueless.

The only thing I took from the Duke/Kentucky game is that Duke had a better recruiting class than Kentucky did last year and have better freshmen for this season.

They score points, they dunked, they made threes, blah blah blah.

ESPN ranked Kentucky number 2 in the county so they could get people to watch the game. Same reason they ranked Duke 4. They sold the game to everyone that these are the best teams in the country because of the rankings.

Kentucky shouldn’t even be ranked, they’re that bad. How does it make any sense that a team with BRAND new players, who didn’t even play in college last year, are already the 2nd best team in the country?

Duke is good, they might be a top 10 team but they’re in the same boat. Brand new team with players who didn’t play last year. I find it hard to believe that they’re not teams better then these two Freshmen teams in the ENTIRE COUNTRY.

Nevada literally brought back their entire team from a team that went to the Elite 8 last season. Michigan brought back a handful of players off their national runner up team. MSU is bringing back a good chunk of their top players from last season. You get the point. They’re better teams in the country right now.

Don’t let ESPN decide who is good for you and who isn’t. Let your eyes decide that. And my eyes decided that Kentucky sucks and Duke is overrated.

Defense wins championships.