Pistons at Nets (-3)

Yesterday was a bad day for the pistons. Just a bonehead turnover at the end of the game. Doesn’t matter now.

On the Brooklyn.

Some how Brooklyn is favored in this game. Slap in the face to the 4-2 Pistons. No way the Pistons lose this game.

This game has turned into a must win. Sure, we lost back to back games in 4 days but it was to the Celtics. Best team in the East. Bouncing back against the Nets should be a cake walk. I also blame the lost yesterday on the refs. Worst officials in the world reside in the NBA.

Any who, I won both my picks yesterday and pretty much predicted the exact score. Crazy stuff but that’s what I do. So, obviously I’m taking the +3 points and the Pistons. But I’m going to go under on the total, which is at 216.5. That’s a lot of points for the Nets.

This would be longer but I have no time.

Pistons 101 Nets 92