Pistons at Celtics (-8.5)

Previewing the early season showdown between Detroit and Boston. First of all, Detroit got screwed by the NBA with scheduling.

How in the world is it possible that we have to play the best team in the East on back to back games. We just played Boston on Saturday and now we have to play them again.

Not fair.

But as Detroit fans go, we suck up and just complain about it.

As for the game. Pistons are coming in at 4-1. Fresh off their first lost to the Celtics after winning the first 4. Boston has played some tough teams and they come in with a record of 4-2.

Blake Griffin has finally found out that putting some arc on your shot and not shooting a line drive at the basket gives him a better chance of making it. So, that leads too 28.4 PPG and a team lead 4.6 per assists per game.

Andre is the worst basketball player in the NBA but some how is also the best rebounder of all time. Dominating the boards at 15.8 Per Game. I think he gets jealous that Blake can handle the ball and he sometimes tries to copy him and gets it stolen. Seriously so hard to watch because you can see it coming.

Boston is the best team in the East and are so deep. Jayson Tatum leads the team with just 16.7 PPG and 8.5 RPG. People forget that Kyrie is still on the team and is leading them with 5.5 assists.

Kyrie made that buzzer beater vs the Pistons in the 1st round of the playoffs in 2016. We outplayed them the whole game and would have won the series if it wasn’t for that buzzer beater. I’ll never forget that.

I miss good Piston basketball.

Celtics are a -8.5 favorite in this game. The total score for the game is 209.5. That is a low total for an NBA game this year. So, I think the over will hit all day. The Pistons will bounce back from their worst game of the season and that’s why I’m taking the points in this. + 8.5 are a ton of points and I think this will be a very close game.

Hardest thing in sports is beating a team twice in 4 days.

Pistons 108 Celtics 105