Matthew Stafford will win the Super Bowl

Matthew Stafford will win a Super Bowl.

Here’s why.

It started back in the golden days of football. There was no pass interference, roughing the passer, concussion protocol, none of that bull shit.

It was the year 1957, the Detroit Lions were World Champions. They were lead by QB Bobby Layne out of Highland Park High School. Now, Bobby Layne was the OG Captain Comeback. He also liked to party. Bobby would start the game hungover but by the time the second half started, his hangover subsided and he was ready to win ball games.

Eventually the Lions grew tired of their drunken gunslinger and decided to trade him in 1958 to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Bobby Layne than did something that some say still haunt the Lions to this very day. He cursed us by saying, “the Lions won’t win for 50 years”.

Lets fast forward to the year 2008. The Detroit Lions were the first team in NFL history to lose every game in a 16-game season (no parades were had). The Pittsburgh Steelers however won their sixth Lombardi Trophy.

With the first pick of the 2009 NFL Draft the Detroit Lions selected Quarterback from Georgia, (John) Matthew Stafford. More importantly, Matthew Stafford is a product of the very same Highland Park High School that Bobby Layne attended. In fact, they grew up on the same street. As we all know, like Layne, Stafford loves a good comeback.

This leads me to believe that one day in the near future, the Prophecy of Bobby Layne will be fulfilled and Matthew Stafford will hoist the Lombardi Trophy.

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