Founded in 2013, THE LEAGUE, took launch with one hope in mind… Championships. Yup, championships. 5 short years lateral have one 2X champion, and three 1X champs. Sure, we’ve had our fair share of turnover throughout the years, but what league hasn’t? Am I right? We are currently sitting at a 12 man league, and sitting comfortably. Never in my wildest dreams did I see this league testing our luck out in the world that is the blogosphere. But here we sit. Proud and eager to bring some joy to the people reading this! *note the excited with the exclamation point*

Furthermore, man that took aim to spearhead this great endeavor was none other than my great friend, CrimeDawg, A.k.a. THE Commish. I think we should all give this man a round of applause for his commitment year in and year out to make THE League what it is today. Even though you lost the rules sheet for our 1st or 2nd year ever in existence. We will give you that one. But, people don’t forget.

As my first ever blog is winding down I want to be the first person to say that I know that nobody really gives a shit about anybody else’s fantasy football issues besides their own or the people in their league. So don’t think we are gonna sit here and complain or boast about how their week-to-week matchups. It just wouldn’t be fair for you readers to have to read about say a RB 1, James Conner putting up 38.2 points, or how their WR 2, Tyler Boyd, had a career day with 28.6 points which in turn lead to a 145.5 total point victory. That’s just not what this blog is about or will be about.

Good, clean, semi-clean, not family fun.

Stay tuned as we are just starting up.

Thanks for reading errrrrbody!